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ABC Kinder Care Centre: happy start for your child and best choice for every parent

Kindergarten is where our children spend most of their time in the early years of their lives. That is why it is so important to choose a place where there are excellent conditions and a team of highly qualified professionals ready to give the best of themselves academically and not only. Finding a suitable daycare center where we can leave our children for full-time education can also take time.

That is why it is good for you to study the different options and to find the most profitable solution according to your financial capabilities and requirements as well. ABC Kinder Care Centre might be the best choice for your kinds and the academic goals you want to achieve. Visit this place and get informed about the services available. Find out what the annual fees are and decide on the future of your child.

What are the conditions for admission to ABC Kinder Care Centre

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This kindergarten is suitable for all foreign and English-speaking residents of Sofia who wish to give the best start to their children in the world of education and academic success. There every parent will find extremely good conditions for their child, which can be described in the following words:

  • Individual approach to each child, because each has different talents, skills and interests. This makes it unique and different from the others;
  • Effective educational methods that follow world-class innovations;
  • Excellent base and spacious green areas that allow to be held a number of outdoor activities;
  • A team of experienced and qualified teachers who are aware of the educational needs of today’s children and know how to prepare them for school;
  • Various and fascinating activities that arouse in children their curiosity and thirst for new knowledge;
  • Safe, secure and pleasant environment;
  • Friendly and positive atmosphere that brings children a sense of calm.

ABC Kinder Care Centre is the best private kindergarten in Sofia where every child will find many friends with similar interests. Send an inquiry and find out more about this place. Get informed about the Sofia international kindergarten fees and start the application process.

What are the fees

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Everything has a price. Sometimes it seems too high, but sometimes insignificant against the background of the dividends we will receive at a later stage. The latter applies to the education of our children, which begins in kindergarten. That is why it is worth investing even a little more to be 100% sure that as parents we have done our best in the name of the good academic start. In kindergarten ABC Kinder Care Centre you are going to find the following fees:

  • 7100 euros – fee for the whole day on an annual basis;
  • 1280 euros – half a day;
  • 307 euros – registration fee/one-time payment.

Each payment must be made on time, and each fee could be changed in the following year. It is important to know it when it comes time to apply oh enroll your child in kindergarten. In addition, cash payments are not accepted and you will need to pay the amounts due by bank transfer. If you have any questions regarding the payment of fees, contact the kindergarten team and you will receive answers to all your questions.

What the application involves

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If you want your child to start attending ABC Kinder Care Centre in Sofia, then you need to know what the application process involves. The following is required:

  • Send a form or contact the kindergarten team and then arrange a visit to the pre-school institution;
  • Discuss all the details down to the smallest detail and decide which option is the best for your child – half day or all day education;
  • Pay the one-time and non-refundable fee.

You hold the future of your child in your hands. Use the possibilities and do your best.