VERSA | Why have all the intolerant cunts crawled out for the election?

How about for just one minute, those of us who voted for a left-wing party don’t pretend everyone else in the country was too ignorant to vote ‘correctly’ or too greedy to do anything but help the rich?

There have been so many intolerant and hateful comments made by students in Oxford and the left-wing UK. Genuinely people are wishing death on friends and colleagues because of how they voted, I shit you not.

Perhaps I’m mistaken but I have no reason to think everyone voting Tory were morally depraved, greedy bastards who only care about protecting the 1%. There were probably some of those people but, call me naive, I think my friends who voted for the right did so because they thought it was the best way to make a better society. They possibly even thought that the Conservatives would do a better job for the marginalised.

Potentially not most people’s motives?

While progressive taxation seems an obvious way, there is no objective truth about the best ways to make society fairer and better. Labour supporters’ insistence that those voting Tory are all immoral is just so dumb.

It’s not just ridiculous moral outrage but the worst kind of patronising, privileged people who think that only they have reached the appropriate level of education enabling them to vote correctly. Reality check: even people who have not had much education are capable of voting for who and what they want. Maybe voters are put off the Labour party when they’re told they are ‘uneducated’ and ‘ill-informed’ for not choosing them?

Also, there were probably a couple of highly educated people voting for the Tories.

Some people don’t agree and don’t think they’re killing the homeless

But what about the fact the Conservatives ‘literally kill people’, and by voting for them you are also ‘literally killing people’? I refer you back to what I said about those voting Tory thinking they might be choosing the best option for society. Also, this statement is about as true as ‘if you don’t buy a Big Issue when you have the money you are literally killing the homeless’.

It’s not that fucking simple.

Credit where it’s due, there are a lot of people who have come out with productive responses at Labour’s loss. There are people who have acknowledged the Labour party needs to go back to square one and rethink. There are people who have highlighted that your government is not the only way you can effect positive change in society.

Yes to everyone encouraging people to make our country better in other awesome ways. Yes, we can work to keep the Human Rights Act, stay in the EU, and protect welfare without killing everyone who voted Conservative.

There is hope

You, friends, are tolerant and you give me hope.

To those whose tweets were included in this article, I don’t know you and you might be lovely but your tweets were retweeted on my newsfeed and they pissed me off. Sorry but not all that sorry.