VERSA | Who? The Union Hacks that Once Were

With that in mind, let’s take a trip down Memory Lane, as we track how these former faces took their trip back down to Earth.

Henna Dattani

Someone should call the Missing Persons Helpline. Once quite a frequent face at the Union and P&P, Henna is nowhere to be seen these days. Someone should let her know that her presence is sorely missed.

Roberto Weeden-Sanz

This incredibly photogenic character from Benet’s was supposed to be President at one point. However, he was chucked after supposedly neglecting his duties as president-elect, having been usurped by Olivia Merrett. Not that it matters now. Apparently, he writes for Tatler and made Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau look positively ugly in a selfie with him.

Zuleyka Shahin

Trinity Term 2015 at the Union, captured in one picture.

I personally remember this election because this esteemed publication released a huge exposé on her the day before the Trinity 2015 election.

This former Masters student from Balliol had caused quite a stir that term. There was the time she painted the Treasurer’s office a bright shade of pink, the time she brought members of the Committee to tears, and when she believed her food was poisoned at Union dinners. But alas, this “Head Bitch of the Coins”, as was painted over her desk, is now but a distant memory.

All this really happened.

Mia Smith

We arrive at the newest addition to the list of hacks past, having resigned recently. We wrote about this, don’t you know? A plan hatched up by her and President-Elect Nikolay Koshikov to replace Dom Hopkins-Powell with Elizabeth Webb as Treasurer-Elect was thwarted. Who by, you ask? The same Nikolay Koshikov, in cahoots with the current Treasurer, Michael Li. Apparently the Treasurer simply had to get his bestie Will Barnes an important position. Back-scratching, backstabbing, power struggles, and friends helping friends – would it be really be the Oxford Union without it?

It seems that the only things that change are the faces; the sounds of hissing from within the Union remains the same. 

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