VERSA | We’ve got a fun game, replace ‘Tory’ with any other group of people in this anti-tory manifesto and go to jail for hate crime

Here is the manifesto:

This ‘manifesto’ has been described as ‘abhorrent hate speech’ and ‘vile’ on Facebook. People have particularly objected to the use of rosettes to mark out Tories, similar to the ‘yellow patch’ used to mark out Jews in Nazi Germany and shame them.

However, some took issue with the way Conservatives were using the post to prove they were oppressed – a first-year St John’s student, commenting on such a facebook discussion, said: “I’m sorry, but the idea that somehow it’s the Tories that are the persecuted group is self-pitying and childish to the extreme.”

The post in the public event, which promotes a march against the Conservative Campaign Headquarters, has caused controversy, but still accrued 22 likes and 3 shares at the time of publication.

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Edit: The first-year St John’s student was commenting to show their dissatisfaction with the specific use of the manifesto, not in support of the manifesto. The article has be amended accurately to represent that they do not support the persecution of people based on their political belief.