Versa | The top 12 funniest JCR Facebook group posts

We collected the most cringeworthy of the endless spam from Oxford’s undergrad noticeboards, and present them here for your viewing pleasure.

1) Pretty self-explanatory, really…

2) Is this a fetish, or just a desperate attempt to earn some cash?

3) Someone clearly doesn’t study English

4) Pro-tip: don’t advertise free food to everyone in a college of 300 people

5) One does not simply go to the dentist

6) Did it get a higher attendance than the average Union social?

7) This guy needs to get his emotional priorities in order

8) Anyone else missing any specific valuable items?

9) Wadham: sanctuary of the nerdy political animal since 1610

10) Bop costumes just get weirder and weirder

11) “Acquiring a rather nice sock” is about the most boring thing you can do in a laundry room

12) Bring on the summer…just not in my newsfeed

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