VERSA | Pedro’s – we put on our sombreros to you

1. VERSA motions to stand in solidarity with Norwich restaurant Pedro’s.

VERSA notes:

  1. That University of East Anglia Student Union banned Tex-Mex restaurant Pedro’s from handing out sombreros to students, and confiscated the gifts at the freshers’ fair.
  2. That the student union was concerned about cultural appropriation.
  3. That the British Mexican Society sides with Pedro’s, stating: ‘I would applaud any business of any nationality for doing anything to try to drum up business in a legitimate way, which this seems.’

VERSA believes:

  1. That the BMS probably knows more about this than UEA Student Union.
  2. That removing the right of people to wear sombreros just because they don’t look Mexican is fundamentally a profiling disaster.
  3. That sombreros could be useful in East Anglia – we’ve heard it can be sunny.
  4. That wizards, elves, and unicorns secretly exist.
  5. The Oxford Comma is a valuable piece of punctuation.

VERSA resolves to:

  1. Stand in solidarity with Pedro’s.
  2. Question what standing in solidarity means and whether it helps anyone.
  3. Point out that sombreros originated in Spain, and so are either an act of cultural appropriation on the part of the Mexicans, or an act of imperial subjugation by the Spanish.
  4. Question whether this motion format, itself an appropriation from OUSU, is really simpler to read.
  5. Champion the cause of the Oxford Comma and ensure its proper usage in all VERSA articles, cartoons, Facebook posts and tweets.

“Sombreros for all mis amigos!”

VERSA hopes that this motion will pass with no opposition and will foster bipartisan relations amongst students. Because let’s face it – who doesn’t like Mexican food?