VERSA | Oxford to paint the town pink in 2nd Week

With events at Freuds, G&D’s, Bridge and the Union, Oxford really is turning pink next week to try and raise money for Breast Cancer Care and two other breast cancer charities. Hopefully we can beat the Tabs at fundraising too…

Following a successful launch at Cambridge in 2015, Pink Weeks have popped up on campuses around the country, all with the same goal, to try and help some of the 50,000 people diagnosed with breast cancer each year.  Some have criticised the campaign for ‘pinkwashing‘, or associating the week with traditional female colours (and enforcing outdated gender roles). Pink Week President Gina Sternberg told VERSA that she is aware of the issues with the colour pink, but is rooting the campaign in “the severity of the disease and the lives of those affected by it.”

Kicking off with a launch at Wahoo on Friday, the week will have a number of talks as well as Pink Week formals at some colleges, and even a special Pink Week Zumba session at St John’s on January 24th. Naturally, on Wednesday, the committee will wear pink as they collect donations in RadCam square.

Acapella group In the Pink will perform at Cowley G&Ds at the end of the week, and wannabe Union hacks will have to turn their oh-so-serious speeches to the issue of pinkwashing, with the Union’s 2nd week emergency debate also being held in aid of Pink Week. Freud’s will host the centrepiece event on Monday of 2nd, with a black pink-tie night featuring El Dorado, Joel Fishel & Jack Remmington and the RAG Casino as the entertainment. The £12 advance tickets come with two free drinks and still send £7 to charity, so at least a nice warm altruistic glow will accompany that Tuesday morning hangover.

Sternberg was hopeful that the week would be a success, saying that “Organising Pink Week has re-affirmed my belief that when the energies and imagination of students at Oxford are put behind a good cause, great results can be achieved”. She also reaffirmed her belief that the use of colour pink is not intended to enforce gender stereotypes, but is used as it is a recognised symbol for breast cancer awareness and told VERSA that “people of all genders, or none, are welcome at and encouraged to attend our events.”

Let’s hope we raise more than the Other Place. If we’re gonna steal their idea, we need to do it better…

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