VERSA | Oxford BNOCs quiz: Do you actually know who they are?

A BNOC, for the uninitiated, is a Big Name On Campus, and there are quite a few of them around Oxford. They are mythical creatures, occasionally spotted around the streets of our great city, admired by onlookers, and talked about in hushed tones: the stuff of Oxford legend. A BNOC can come from any of a plethora of circles of Oxford life – politics, sports, drama, OUSU, and, of course, the famed Oxford Union. Keeping up with all these legendary creatures can be a tough task for any Oxonian, so we at VERSA have put together a little quiz to help you get to know them. And who knows, the intrepid amongst you future Oxonians might have designs on finding yourselves on this list one year from now…

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Can you guess why these people are famous around Oxford?

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  1. Correct

    Correct! Jan is President of OUCA for the coming term!


    Seriously? With that jacket? Was he ever going to be anything other than the President of OUCA?

  2. Correct

    Correct! Congratulations on recognising one of Oxford’s most widely-known thesps!


    Oops! If you think you know your BNOCs, then you should probably get your act together…

  3. Correct

    Correct! The article in question can be found here.

  4. Incorrect

    Come on, and do his degree as well?! You’ve got another thing coming if you think you have that much time at Oxford… (Unless you’re studying Economics & Management, of course.)

  5. Correct

    Well done! Barely a protest goes by without Raine batting down oppression left, right, and centre. (Okay, so mostly on the right). He’s also known for commenting ‘WONGGAAA’ on VERSA articles (though we do have our suspicions it might be an impostor).

  6. Correct

    Well done, you can correctly identify stock photographs!


    Come on. Her last name is literally French for ‘false name’. Try harder.

  7. Incorrect

    Seriously? Look at that adorable face. Is that really the face of someone from UKIP?

  8. Correct

    Correct! If you’re looking for a partner, Oxonian, Luke’s a keeper.


    Nope! Only a superman like Luke could captain the University’s Quidditch team.

  9. Correct

    Correct! Watch out, patriarchy – she’s coming for you.


    Wrong! OULD attendance has actually shot up since the election. Just don’t ask us how…

  10. Correct

    Correct! It’s a lot, but Jacob manages to pull it off. We at VERSA can only express our admiration for Jacob’s commitment to achieving BNOC-hood.


    Nope! Jacob is known for far more than just that!