VERSA | OUSU voted worst student union in the country

According to the recent National Student Survey, that is exactly the phrase that the average Oxonian does not want to here. Managing to rival FIFA as the world’s most loathed 4 letter institution, Oxford’s Student Union managed to get lower satisfaction rating than any other university in the country. Drop dead last. Trying to dress it up is an impossible task. You can blame the collegiate system all you like, but Cambridge, York, Lancaster, and even Durham (that bastion of misery and broken dreams) managed to get higher satisfaction scores. It is not just a matter of lacking behind in relative terms towards other universities of similar academic strain. In absolute terms, the situation is even more dire. Upwards of 60% of Oxford students who filled in the survey showed disapproval towards the body ran by our imperialist overlords elected representatives.

It does not take a genius of our time to realise what the problem is. It is not the fact that OUSU doesn’t do bad work. It supplies JCR’s with the mean to engage in the decline of Western civilisation safely, and the training that they provide to peer supporters and those who run sexual consent workshops are absolutely vital to ensuring the safety and soundness of mind for members of our university.

The reality is that we see OUSU as a cliquey far left echo chamber where boycotting the democratic process is a legitimate suggestion and it is perceived to spend far too much time and resources on liberation campaigns ran by what can only be described as rather unsavoury characters.

How can you feel represented by an Union which does not reflect the opinions of the student body and is widely perceived as almost entirely ineffectual.