VERSA | OUSU divestment campaign succeeds, we’re proud of them

Oh OUSU, we’re used to your grand proclamations on weighty issues. From the Middle East to Mexico, our student union is often at the forefront of global issues, fighting injustice and discrimination. Of course these motions, though noble, have little impact on the situations they discuss. This time it’s different, this time OUSU’s campaign to get Oxford University to divest from fossil fuels has made a difference. Well, not all fossil fuels, just coal and tar sands. Hey, it’s a start!

In Michaelmas, OUSU Council passed a motion to demand divestment, and since then 32 JCRs have passed similar motions. Well, identical motions, if copy-and-paste efforts at certain colleges are anything to go by.  As well as student campaign, we have seen dozens of alumni threaten to return degrees and university buildings occupied in the fight for divestment.

Oxford University has joined Stanford, Syracuse and Glasgow Universities, as well as the Church of England and the Rockerfeller Brother Fund in divesting from certain types of fossil fuels. We hope the University feels honoured in such illustrious company.

Joking aside, kudos to the university in taking an ethical stance, even if it took pressure from current and former students, as well as all-important alumni fund donors to persuade them to take the leap. Honestly, it’s nice to see an OUSU campaign having such a major impact!

Next up for OUSU, the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean – or perhaps Ukraine’s civil war! 

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