Versa | OULC successfully make OUCA look progressive

Forward to socialism, not to a balanced gender ratio

One of Oxford’s supposedly progressive groups, the Oxford University Labour Club, had just a single woman amongst the 12 people at its annual freshers’ dinner. Gender equality, it seems, is not the plat-du-jour of OULC dinners.

Yesterday, VERSA exposed a lack of women at OUCA’s termly dinner (3 of 25 attendees), which is actually a better ratio than OULC’s. Perhaps our speculation that OUCA’s penchant for black tie is putting off women was wrong. Olivia Merrett, an OULC member from St. John’s, had this to add: “I think OULC would rather be seen worshipping at the altar of Thatcher’s handbag than wearing black tie. What else can you expect from the place where fun goes to die?”

We’ll leave that one to your imagination…

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