VERSA | OULC back left-wing Jez for Labour leader

Record 5-time winner of the Parliamentary ‘Beard of the Year’ Award, anti-war and anti-austerity campaigner and darling of Labour’s leftmost wing, Jeremy Corbyn, squeezed onto the leadership ballot with just seconds to spare. Some OULC members were rather pleased with themselves, with one going as far to claim ‘It was the OULC wot won it’, as Oxford East MP Andrew Smith’s nomination pushed Corbyn over the threshold. Get over yourselves, you’ve not solved Israel-Palestine. 

Fortunately some OULC members aren’t quite so self-important and realise that OULC backing Jezza probably didn’t have much of an effect, with former co-chair David Cesar-Heymann challenging gloating in the OULC Facebook group with the comment ‘Please don’t pretend OULC is what put him on the ballot. There’s enough self-importance in Oxford already.‘ Someone needs to tell the rest of the Oxford Left quickly!

Unsurprisingly, VERSA’s favourite OULC hack James Elliott proposed the motion to support Corbyn in last week’s general meeting, which passed the motion 27-18. We were surprised so many members of such a politically aware organisation backed a man who invited members of terrorist groups Hamas & Hezbollah to Parliament and was seen laughing at jokes about hanging former Employment Minister Esther McVey. Turn a blind eye, turn a blind eye.

James Elliott issued the following statement to VERSA: “I don’t believe OULC had any significant role in helping Jeremy get on the ballot, though I am very pleased we discussed his candidacy and chose to endorse him.”

Oh, you do underestimate yourself, James…