VERSA | Open Oxford launches speaker event with Peter Hitchens

Their debut guest is none other than Peter “Morality” Hitchens himself, best known for being a socially conservative journalist, author and all round  polemicist. Hitchens’ views on cannabis (bad), abortion (bad), climate change advocates (awful) and cars (also horrific) have sparked debate on many platforms.

According to the event page, Hitchens will be speaking on the “Strange Victory of the Big Dope Lobby”. VERSA sympathises with anyone who doesn’t know what this is – we don’t either – but a quick Google search of the term suggests that it’s Hitchens’ latest traditionalist fixation.

Peter Hitchens, ready to take the fight to Cuntry Living

When asked for comment, Sam Slater, a representative of Open Oxford, was very enthusiastic:”We are very excited about Mr Hitchens coming to speak to Open Oxford, bringing our online discussions into the real world”. Should read: “Bringing OO to life like some kind of Facebook Frankenstein.”

Slater emphasised the Q&A component of the event which will give students the chance to respond to and challenge Morality Man himself. He further suggested that this might be the first of many controversial speakers from across the political spectrum that OO hosts. The last time they tried to make an entry into the real world was the publication of the notorious No Offence magazine, which resulted in it being seized by police on account of the obscene content contained within. Awks…

VERSA congratulates OO on its attempt at relevance and cannot wait to see Finn Lees and Peter Hitchens lock horns.