VERSA | NUS reveals the £40,000 cost of its Liar Liar billboard campaign

The NUS’s new campaign has been set up to target MPs who pledged they would vote against a rise in tuition fees but then broke their promises. There will be, according to the NUS, “billboards in London, Sheffield, and Manchester, huge ad vans targeting pledge breaker seats across the country, and national newspaper advertising”.

So proud to be calling out pledge breakers who lied to students in 2010! #sorrynotsorry #generationvote #liarliar

— Raechel Mattey (@RaechelMattey) April 16, 2015

A tweet from NUS Vice-President for Union Development, Raechel Mattey. 

The billboards feature the words “Liar Liar” tattooed alongside the Lib Dem logo, taking aim at the 36 Liberal Democrat MPs who broke their pledge to the NUS. There were also 3 Conservative MPs who broke the same pledge.

Some people have criticised the campaign, arguing that it unfairly benefits the Labour Party and is a waste of members’ money:

Imagine the NUS actually spent their money on making student’s lives better and not on election billboards. Just imagine…

— Stace Williams (@stackee) April 16, 2015

NUS mudslinging from labour hacks so borin. Lib Dems did break promise on tuition fees but u kno labour introduced AND tripled them…

— Niamh McIntyre (@niamh_mcintyre) April 16, 2015

In a response to a student enquiry, a representative of the NUS justified the expense, saying : “The cost for the campaign is £40,000 – still less than the debt students will graduate with for the first time this summer.”

Not everyone has condemned the cost, with some expressing support for the NUS campaign on Twitter:

Well in @nusuk for the amazing #liarliar campaign and shout out to @toni_pearce for kicking arse on Sky News this morning.

— Graeme Brittles (@GraeSays) April 16, 2015


— Toni Pearce (@toni_pearce) April 16, 2015

A Tweet from NUS President, Toni Pearce.

VERSA compared the cost of the campaign to a few common student purchases.

The figures:

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Whatever happens with the campaign, it’s certainly gotten some of the desired publicity…