VERSA | Merton JCR affiliates to Sheffield SU

The benefits outlined by the proposers were many: first, SSU has £11m turnover, perfect for supporting Merton’s clubs (and ritualistic midnight port drinking); second, the alumni include Seb Coe, Michael Palin, and Jessica Ennis; third, when the JCR rep goes for weekly meetings, they can all go for a jolly and have a great night out; and finally and most importantly, The Full Monty is based in Sheffield, and Oxford is lacking in terms of being the set for great cinema.

Shedding the leaves of its old rep. Where fun goes to… thrive?

The motion was pretty short and fairly logical:

This JCR notes that:

1) Standing Order 11.3 requires that all the JCR’s affiliations be renewed at the second OGM of Michaelmas.

This JCR therefore resolves to:

1) Affiliate to Sheffield Students’ Union.

There was, as might have been expected, some slight opposition. One particularly constitution-conscious committee member branded the whole thing ‘ridiculous’, and dangerously ‘unconstitutional,’ but the proposer pointed out that joining in no way contravened article 2, which refers to promoting interests of JCR member in college and improving college life for members, and that it would be courteous to invite Sheffield reps to attend the next bop. In the final summing up, the anti-hero’s eloquent protestation was answered with a rhetorical tour de force: ‘we should do it.’ They did, however, concede that the Affiliated Organisations rep needn’t attend SU meetings.

For a motion of such importance, it was decided a show of hands wouldn’t suffice, and so members voted by physical division: 22 at one end of the room and 15 dissenters at the other. The members were literally voting with their feet. 

VERSA hopes Merton achieve their clearly present (if unspoken) aim of coming top in the rankings at their new university.