VERSA | Make it Reign: St John’s JCR fund Presidential piss-up

These meetings are commonly referred to as PresCom. The funds provided by the JCR are to be used by the President for “food and drinks” at these events, where Presidents host one another at formal halls in their colleges. 

Money, money, money must be funny in a rich man’s world

Such informal socialising is said to be beneficial for the President, as it is “important for sharing good practice and ideas.” While the motion was amended to remove a provision for the funds to be used for “other costs necessary to attend the informal part of PresCom” (looks like you’ll have to stump up your Bridge entry yourself), the motion still allowed for the money to be used on costs of food and drink “which are bought for everyone and the costs split.” Table in VIP, anyone?

The motion cited concerns over a possible barrier to entry for the JCR Presidency, as “the role of the President should not incur financial costs,” with John’s JCR Pres Jess Colston arguing that the cost of attending PresCom could deter future wannabe Presidents. The £150 will be an annual budget, and has been voted through to be amended to the general JCR budget next year, to cover the roughly £10-a-head three course meals. Seems the JCR, just like the college, is swimming in cash with no idea what to spend it on.

VERSA would like to commend St John’s college for their uncharacteristic generosity, and can only hope that £15 per meal will be enough to ensure the St John’s President can informally socialise well into the early hours.

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