Versa | Isis publisher sent 4000 copies of the magazine to Lincolnshire

unfortunate name, unfortunate game

Versa understands that Isis suffered a pretty severe printing cock up today, with the printed magazines taking an unexpected detour to Lincolnshire.

We have since received a statement from OSPL claiming that this is standard procedure for the magazine. The copies “were sent to a media group that we use every term for distribution. From there the copies were delivered by courier, not by the ‘bemused middle aged couple’, to Oxford. This process occurs every term, the copies on our mailing lists are sent from Lincolnshire so we deliver them there for the mailing list copies to be sent, then the rest are delivered to Oxford.”

The editorial states it is ‘unfortunate to bear the name of ISIS.’ Indeed.

An anonymous member of the ISIS committee commented: ‘2014 definitely isn’t the best year since 1892.’

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