VERSA is recruiting

Here are some of the positions available – apply here.

Deadline for all roles is midnight Saturday of 7th week.


You are the biggest of the dogs in the VERSA kennel, but the first thing you should know is that you’re leading a fairly flat hierarchy. You need to be strong enough to take the final decisions, but also to trust your senior editorial team and keep up the tradition of everyone on staff chipping in with ideas and suggestions. Crucially, you’re ultimately responsible for upholding the key VERSA values: a strong team who support each other and the cause, and making sure it’s a fun and positive environment in which to work.

On a day-to-­day basis, you would be… ➔ Reading and editing content that’s been flagged up as potentially controversial or a probable big hitter in the view counts, and having the final say after you’ve talked to the others on senior editorial. You should have an idea of what’s going up and when, and always be thinking about what judgements you might have to make between now and the point of publication ➔ Managing content, uploading, copy­editing, and stylistic coherence. You need to know what is going up when and adjust this timeframe to make sure we don’t publish too much or too little at once; ensuring it fits the style, and that it has correct spelling and grammar; planning ahead ➔ Representing VERSA to outside bodies ➔ Making sure the Facebook and Twitter feeds are kept up­-to­-date,­ delegating where appropriate ➔ Handling issues that arise before and after publication, legal and otherwise ➔ Keeping the staff happy, motivated and on their toes: you’re the one praising people for writing that great article or shooting that fab video, but you’re also the one sending the emails when someone isn’t pulling their weight ➔ Keeping abreast of the non­journalistic side of VERSA:­ social media, business and sales, the data and polling unit, web development. You, or those to whom you delegate, are the main link between these teams and the journalistic side

➔ Making decisions about the strategic direction of the paper

News is absolutely crucial to the lifeblood of the publication as a whole, so in addition to your duties running the section your views and input are needed on the senior editorial team as well.

Day­-to-­day: ➔ Ensuring the section is meeting its obligations in terms of content ➔ Editing news copy ➔ Ensuring news writers know what they are doing ➔ Working with the others on senior editorial to deliver news training to all staff ➔ Keeping the others on senior editorial informed of a story’s progress

➔ Commissioning stories and investigations to writers

(Views, People or Experience/Procrastibait/Broadcast)

➔ Ensuring your section is meeting its obligations in terms of content ➔ Commissioning content from writers, making sure there is a good balance of different types ➔ Finding new talent to join the section ➔ Editing and some uploading to WordPress

➔ Attending the weekly meeting and training sessions where necessary


➔ Writing! Come up with ideas, go wild
➔ Acting as a brand ambassador for VERSA: sharing articles on your personal Facebook and Twitter
➔ Join in the conversations in Facebook group: post your ideas for articles, videos, suggestions for improvement, or questions

➔ Participating in the news process through helping find stories, even if you’re not a news writer ➔ Attending training sessions and team meetings ➔ Supporting your fellow writers when they have written something that has been published, regardless of whether you agree with their opinion. They are your teammates, and in return, they’ll support you when your stuff goes up.