VERSA | In defence of people: I actually still like some of you

Some time last week Ella, our esteemed Editor-in-Chief, published this article entitled “How Oxford taught me to hate others and love myself”. I realise my response to this is a bit late, but that’s because I spent my 8th week having fun with some great friends, rather than hating all of the people (actually, that’s a lie – I spent my 8th week buried in work, but that didn’t fit with my #narrative, so like any good journalist I have made up a lie to fit my story better). If you didn’t read that article, then to summarise, this is basically how she feels about people:

Okay, so that was a little misleading. She doesn’t actually hate everyone. Just a few people. A few bad people. And I agree with her here. Like she says, there are lots of people with some decidedly questionable views on stuff who are lovely people and/or great fun to hang out with. And then there’s the other type of ‘bad person’; people who will fight the good fight all over the house, but, despite them being very ‘moral’ or ‘wholesome’ or whatever in their views, to the people around them, they are not particularly nice.

The thing is, I don’t actually think there are these people who are fundamentally ‘bad’ – the ‘utter fucks’ as my editor so eloquently put it. Sure, maybe people do bad things to other people from time to time, but that doesn’t make a bad person. It’s important to remember that we are all, at the end of the day, humans. We all make mistakes. But even then, I don’t think any of my good friends would screw me over to get their way with something. People whom I don’t count amongst my close friends? Well, they owe me nothing. They are perfectly entitled to pursue their own ends, what makes them happy – even if it is at odds with what someone else may be after.

Maybe I’m just being naïve (and if I am, maybe I’ll consider a transfer to the Stepford “VERSA for wetters” Student – whose website at the time of publishing is sadly down – where my naïvety, or as better put by my esteemed colleague, “impotence”, might be put to better use)… but I genuinely do believe that, 99 times out of 100, people are not looking to achieve their own ends, raise themselves up rather than tearing others down. And who are any of us to tell others not to go on doing what makes them feel great?

The main thing, though, is that, as I sit here writing this self-indulgent piece of really-not-as-wet-and-gushy-as-I-expected piece of copy, I feel lonely. Okay yeah, so this is partly other unis’ fault for not conforming to ridiculous term times where the Easter holiday begins about a month before Easter, but also I really miss people at uni. And I don’t just mean people I’d count as my close friends and actively seek out to spend time with. I mean as well just walking around college and seeing people be friendly, and being friendly back to each other. I miss that big ol’ family back in Oxford.

And that’s kind of it, really. Family are often great, can annoy the hell out of you at times, and sometimes there are some fuck-off big arguments. But at the end of the day, everyone really is quite fond of everyone else.

And so from everyone here at VERSA, have a great vac, and see you all again in Trinity. Can’t wait. We ♥ you.

Except Ella. Maybe.

*Disclaimer: Ella is great and lovely and you should bombard her with love and compliments whenever you see her 

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