Versa | “I am tired of being openly victimised” says Oxford radical feminist

Magdalen student Elsa Field, who came under fire at the start of term for a controversial article in the St John’s Gender Equality Festival zine, has hit back at critics who called her transphobic.

“I am tired of being openly victimised and slandered by members of the Oxford community, who do not know me personally and do not understand my opinions”, she wrote in her blog.

She added: “I sincerely hope that people will come to their senses and realise that the way to support feminism is not to childishly victimise and censor individuals that are perceived to hold offensive views by a small minority.”

One transwoman posted on Cuntry Living: “I’m not obligated to be polite to people like Elsa that DO incite violence against people like me. She has literally misgendered me to my face on purpose and wrote an article that platformed people like Janice Raymond and advocated for teenagers to have further restrictions against accessing trans healthcare”.

This, according to Fields, was “an incredibly offensive…lie”.

We don’t know who’s in the right here but we’d have to agree with Field’s argument that offensiveness is not an excuse to shut down debate”…

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