VERSA | EXCLUSIVE: OUSU’s CRAE Co-Chair Kiran Benipal resigns

Both Co-Chairs for OUSU’s Campaign for Racial Awareness and Equality, Kiran Benipal and Hetal Jani, have resigned from their post, citing suspended status and a finalist’s workload respectively as their reasons for stepping down.

Previously, Kiran has been accused of anti-Semitism after sending an anti-Semitic tweet from her Twitter account. This led to calls for her to resign from her post as CRAE Co-Chair from the Oxford University Jewish Society and a number of other Oxford students.

Kiran Benipal told VERSA: “The new co-chairs of CRAE are Farheen Ahmed and Chi Chi Shi. Hetal Jani and I both stepped down due to academic commitments- she is a finalist, and I am a suspended student. Neither of us have to the time the campaign’s work requires, so this handover is in the interest of CRAE. It was welcomed by our committee, and Hetal and I will continue to support the new co-chairs and the committee. CRAE has a strong and powerful year ahead of us, and the team have much to be proud of.” 

OUSU VP for Welfare, Ali Lennon, and Hetal Jani have both been asked for comment.

VERSA wishes Chi Chi Shi and Farheen Ahmed all the best in their new roles as CRAE Co-Chairs.

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