VERSA | Even OUSU’s election was more fun than the Union this term

Questionable Facebook accounts, accusations of intimidation and promises of licked nipples: Trinity’s Union elections had everything to keep even the most ambivalent of hack-watchers happy, and VERSA packaged up all the gossip and drama into one handy article. Hackery was smeared across everyone’s Facebook timelines, with the pages for the two slates, STEP & NowOrNever brutally fighting it out for likes.

Nobody was expecting this term’s election to match up to the fireworks of Zu v. Stu, but this term has been particularly soporific; even the OUSU elections have seen more drama than the Union, and even fewer people give a fuck about those. At least there was some personal vitriol from certain uncontested candidates there…

After last term’s hotly contested election, we’re back to the tried & tested Union system of uncontested officers, at VERSA we’re as keen on nostalgia as anyone, but this seems a bit too similar to the elections last Michaelmas. At least there’s some competition for Standing this year…

VERSA also gets a subtle nod in Ssuuna Golooba-Mutebi’s manifesto, in which he describes himself as the most eligible candidate,. And with the lack of any opposition whatsoever, we’re inclined to agree on his electoral eligibility.

We agree, he’s “MOST eligble”…

Nobody expects the officers to get RON’d, so get Ready5Rob to be your new Union overlord in Trinity, but there is still some fun to be had with Standing & Seccies.

The Union must run in the Banerjee family’s blood, as the sister of ex-Prez Mayank Banerjee is putting herself forward for Seccies already. #keen

We’re also blessed with not one, but two ex-military candidates this term. Perhaps they can bring some discipline to the four hour queues on a cold Michaelmas ‘eve.

Any comment on the Union elections wouldn’t be complete without reminding everyone about a certain candidate’s Facebook assertions about her status as a ‘hack’ – apparently prerequisites include being in a lot of group chats on WhatsApp and Facebook & using the term ‘close & personal friends‘. This potential seccies’ pride in their status as a (low-level at best) hack is, um, admirable?

Here’s hoping next term will be more interesting, VERSA is hearing rumors of some snaking on the grapevine…anything to beat this non-event.