VERSA | Democracy! Record numbers of voters for hotly uncontested positions

After weeks in which no one talked of anything else (except literally everything else), probably the third most watched election in the nation in 2015 (we’ve heard the Bibliophiles Society was embroiled in all sort of slate warfare) has culminated in an outstanding show of democracy, as students realised their votes would be crucial to deciding the 12 uncontested OUSU posts this year.

The turnout (based on votes cast for the president) comes in at 11% of the 22,000 possible voters, a surprisingly high figure for OUSU elections. But then again, with such a fabulous bunch to choose from, it was always going to be in everyone’s best interests to get out (read: onto their laptops) and have their say.

VPs for both Grads and Women went uncontested, as did reps for BME, E&E, Health and Welfare, Communities and Charities, International Students, Student Trustee, and effectively the three NUS delegate places that had to go to women.

Special congratulations must go to RON, who garnered a staggering 23% of the vote for Student Trustee. VERSA suggests to newly elected Alex Bishop that coming to a power-sharing deal with RON might be the most democratic solution. In fact, our preferred candidate did pretty damn well, averaging 12.6% of all votes cast, and getting almost a fifth for BME officer. Something tells us that would have been an inappropriate victory…

Of those elected, however, sources indicate that the #vibez are going to be so friendly and cosy in Michaelmas 2k16. I mean, it would have been so unfortunate if the VP Graduate had slated the President in an unprovoked Facebook status.

“I wish that I could bake a cake made out of rainbows and smiles and we’d all eat it and be happy.” Unfortunately, she DOES even go here.

But surely the greatest rags to riches story has to be that of ‘Oh Well, Alright Then,’ who stormed to victory in the NUS delegate race. The three women all came in the top six regardless, so Rowan Davis’ slightly gratuitous and bizarre tweet of “I