VERSA | Crisis Aboard HMS Union

It is often remarked that a week is a long time in politics – but then there are weeks which really drive this home to you…

Nothing highlights this fact more lucidly than the farcical goings on in Union politics of late. It is difficult to see how Gladstone would have envisaged the sheer extent of ineptitude and petulance that has seized this institution. For those of you who are not aware, in the last week we have had the resignation of the Treasurer-Elect in order to avoid the humiliation of being impeached for dereliction of duty. What followed was a faction-ridden mess which ended in Will Barnes, the ex-Returning Officer elected by Standing Committee, to succeed his close school friend Michael Li as Treasurer. One would think this would be the end – if only.

The Librarian-Elect, then, in a move which can only be described as a Heathesque sulk, resigned her position and decided to go to the press, citing movements of a shady cabal which were trying to take power unfairly. This is a deliciously ironic sentiment from the ex-Secretary given that the election which delivered her the role was about as clean as Hilary Clinton’s email account. Significantly, however, comment about the Union made by Standing Committee has to be passed through the hands of the dear leader, Mr Noah Lachs. Either the President allowed his own Society to be brought into disrepute, or someone else is going to face a binning.

Oh, did I mention the drop out of a presidential candidate, the resulting collapse of a slate, and the resurrection of that slate by everyone’s favourite American? One would be forgiven for thinking that some of these hacks are not very nice. Surely not?