VERSA | Christ Church to clamp down on same-sex college marriages

This comes as a result of growing concerns that arriving students struggle to gain a healthy understanding of traditional Oxford values, such as conformity and subservience, without the nurturing presence of both a college mother and college father. There is also the undoubted influence of a recent OUSU study, suggesting that freshers raised by college parents of the same sex are almost twice as likely to themselves enter into homosexual college relations.

A source inside Christ Church has also disclosed widespread fears of divine retribution for such unholy practice, citing the NUS guideline that ‘neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice college homosexuality, will inherit the kingdom of God’.

It comes in the wake of a series of high-profile college marriage scandals, including the growing incidence of polygamy across the university, and the recent efforts of one Corpus Christi student to marry the college tortoise.

The proposed clamp-down is expected to be met with fierce opposition from the Christ Church JCR. But those responsible for the policy seem to have no desire for compromise, fearful of the slippery slope that could follow should same-sex college marriages be allowed to continue.

Christ Church have laid down a marker in the fight to preserve the sanctity of college marriage. It remains to be seen whether other colleges will follow their noble lead.

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