VERSA | Can you tell a real NUS motion from a fake one? Take the quiz!

In light of the NUS Executive’s recent attack on Coca Cola and the subsequent backlash against the motion, we at VERSA thought we’d have some fun. We’ve written some fake NUS motions, added some genuine ones to the mix and it’s up to you to tell them apart. As you read this, remember that all the real ones are being done by the NUS in your name. Probably with your money. Happy hunting!

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Can you spot the fake motions in our NUS quiz?

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  1. Correct

    Well done! You probably read the VERSA article about this one didn’t you!


    Oops! If you read more of VERSA, you’d have know this was a real one!

  2. Correct

    Congratz, we couldn’t fool you into thinking the NUS is that far left!


    Surprisingly, even the NUS isn’t this left wing! Unlucky!

  3. Correct

    Great you noticed this motion wastes too much time even for the NUC NEC!


    Come on, don’t you think the NUS takes condemning Nazis as a given.

  4. Correct

    Yep, well remembered, this was a thing the NUS did…


    Unlucky! the ‘inner’ spirit of this motion is well in line with NUS delegates’ opinions.

  5. Correct

    Yes it’s false. You must have achieved Geist to know that.


    You’ve still got a way to go to achieve Geist (mind), what a shame.

  6. Correct

    Maith thú! It’s a real one!


    Oh dear! Bhí sé seo ar cheann fíor!

  7. Correct

    Whether you view this motion with disdain or not, it’s a real one.


    Like the NUS, we have a Zero Tolerance Policy for being wrong. SorryNotSorry

  8. Correct

    This is part of our quota of fake answers, well done!


    Unlucky, this does not ‘represent’ NUS policy…

  9. Correct

    This is an actual policy, great for criminals eh?


    We have to disclose this is a real one, oops!

  10. Correct

    Grab yourself a fizzy drink and an artichoke to celebrate, you got it right!


    Our NUS boycotted this motion too, it’s not real, oh dear…

  11. Correct

    A jaffa of a guess, well done!


    This would really take the biscuit, don’t worry it’s fake.

  12. Correct

    Glorifying colonialism or not, the NUS knows students couldn’t cope without tea!


    Don’t worry, your tea isn’t going anywhere!

We at VERSA think our motions are sensible propositions and we offer our services as consultants to our overlords at the NUS.

While we’re at it, it’s worth reminding you, dear reader who made it this far, that these are the people who banned clapping in favour of “feminist jazz hands” and who officially oppose UKIP but refuse to condemn ISIS.