VERSA | Can Alan Rickman and a tortoise save the world?

So how are this unlikely pair raising money? It’s simple. The more views a YouTube video gets, the more money it makes through advertising revenue. Alan Rickman has provided the voiceover for a short, 30-second clip of a tortoise munching on a strawberry. It’s really, really cute and it has the dulcet tones of Alan Rickman as an added bonus. All you need to do is watch the video and you’re making money for charity, as all the advertising proceeds go to great causes. If you’re missing Snape’s gravelly tones and craving your daily dose of cute tortoise, be sure to check it out.

Tell me, Potter, what would I get if I added my sultry voice to a heart-warming tortoise video?

The video itself was produced by OneClickGiving, a kind of charity-for-charities founded by Oxford students. The organisation is part of Oxford RAG – everyone’s favourite milkshake supplier – and it aims to make money for charity by creating viral videos. They released the following statement on their website: ‘We are not working for profit and operating without running costs, so all the money we make goes straight to Refugee Council and Save The Children.’ Unless the tortoise scuttles off with the cash, that is.

Not the hero we need, but the hero we deserve.

That’s right, the proceeds from the video are helping not just one, but two charities. A lesser man/tortoise might have settled just to help Save the Children. But Alan Rickman and his conscientious chelonian comrade won’t stop there. Determined to do more than their bit, the dynamic duo are also raising money for Refugee Council, which helps traumatised and destitute asylum seekers find safety in the UK.

You can view the video now at OneClickGiving. Watch it, share it, tell all your friends about it.  All proceeds go to Save the Children and Refugee Council. You can contribute to a great cause, without spending any of your own money. Why wouldn’t you?

Together you, Alan Rickman, and a plucky young tortoise can make the world a better place.