VERSA | Amazing! Fearless fresher begins email to tutor with ‘Yo’

We can confirm that Brian Anderson, first year PPEist and total wild card, has written a formal email to his tutor beginning with ‘Yo’.

Ruling out the customary ‘Hello’ or ‘Dear Professor’, the rogue fresher reportedly upped the stakes with his casual greeting.

The email in question, sent at approximately 9.40pm on May 1, maintains a shockingly relaxed tone throughout.

In a stomach churning twist of events, Anderson reportedly also asked his 61-year-old professor if it’d be ‘chill’ to hand in his essay a day late.


The loose cannon undergrad even had the audacity to use a smiley face emoji in what can only be described as a daring disregard for etiquette.

To top off the stunt, the local daredevil signed off the email with ‘cheers mate’, despite the total absence of familiarity between the two men.

When asked to comment on the incident, Anderson claimed he’d ‘had one or two’ before he wrote the email, and had regretted it almost immediately afterwards.

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