Versa | 12 reasons city centre colleges are the best

1) You can go and stroll round Christ Church Meadow any time you like and revel in the beauty:

2) You live within a ten minute walk of this…

3) …and this:

4) You don’t have to worry about whether your friends from other colleges believe your constant bullshit about “modernist beauty” and “progressive architecture”:

5) You never have rely on buses to get anywhere:

Great announcement from Oxford bus company. Made me chuckle

— Paul Michael (@mrpaulmichael) October 25, 2014

6) You don’t have to eat shit Hall food because you’ve got a vibrant city on your doorstep:

7) People actually come and visit you:

8) Stumbling home from a drunken night out feels like a stroll in the park, not a cross-continental trek:

9) You don’t need a monorail, so you were able to vote against Louis Trup:

Now my #tinder profile is updated, I am ready to hit #nusnc14 hard. #hacksassemble @anyametzer @McTaggart @TheOxStu

— Louis Trup (@LJTrup) April 8, 2014

10) While your friends at other unis share their halls with rats and stinking piles of rubbish, you’re sharing yours with a castle…

11) …or Bambi’s second home:

12) Despite the endless staircases, the snap-happy tourists and the sometimes frightening architecture, it’s all worth it for the experience:

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