Valentine’s Day Exclusive: Versa Interviews Team OxLove VERSA


LW: What made you decide to set up OxLove?

Ox♥: Honestly, with the success of Crushbridge I (there was only one of us at that point) thought it was a real shame Oxford had nothing similar, and since no-one else seemed to want to set it up, after waiting a while I did it. The enjoyment others get out of it has really made it worth it.

LW: What is the workload like? How many submissions, on average, do you receive a day?

Ox♥: I reckon that we both spend about an hour a day on the page. On busy days we can get several hundreds of Oxloves, in which case we have to delete some of the more boring ones

LW: How many people does it take to run OxLove?

Ox♥: Currently there’s two of us and we probably intend to keep it that way. By the time one of us is about to graduates (towards the end of next year) we’ll start looking for a replacement.

LW: What are the worst OxLoves you’ve received?

Ox♥: We usually don’t get anything that’s too bad, but occasionally a few are just a bit too crude to be posted, for example when someone is very graphic about a total stranger. We also get the occasional submission that should just have been an OxFeud.

LW: Do you know if any successful relationships have been formed?

Ox♥: We don’t know of any relationships (Hit us up if you’re a couple that got together through Oxlove!), but we have heard of people hooking up through the page.

LW: What is your favourite format/type of OxLove?

Ox♥: Actual poems. Submit more actual poems please. (Also this is a sure way for us not to delete your submissions arbitrarily, because all poems that cost effort will be posted).

LW: Do you share all the posts you receive?

Ox♥: As we said before, we usually censor some of the cruder ones, especially when they concern total strangers. Then we also arbitrarily delete some of the worse ones, like the posts that simply say “I