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When the carpet needs professional cleaning and what are the steps

Home care is a complex task that requires us to be persistent and not to miss important hygiene activities such as carpet washing. Its vacuuming is not the only important thing we have to do - from time to time we have to go deep to remove do stubborn spots. Professional carpet cleaning putney

When the rug is dirty and we have to find a solution…

The weekend is near, and we start with plans on how to spend it. We consider every possibility, whether to go to a restaurant or a walk in nature, whether to meet friends or to fully enjoy our family... Possibilities are many and we must have a solution to use our time 100%

How to take care of the carpet – fast, convenient and for less

Every time we look at the dirty carpet, we ask ourselves - what can we do to transform it, to bring back its original shine and diversity of colors? In most cases we cannot rely solely on the vacuum cleaner and the detergents in the cabinet… When there is stubborn stain of various

Yard and garden – how to maintain it with ease

Well-maintained and beautiful home e a gift. Who lives in a home where there is coziness and comfort, he has the opportunity to fully relax at the end of the working day and to fully enjoy the home environment as well. For that reason, every single detail matters. Starting with the area in