Trinity Ball: La Belle Époque VERSA

Opulence, extravagance and the joie de vivre, terms commonly used to describe La Belle Époque and now Trinity College are looking to recreate those same descriptions in their own Commemoration Ball. This certainly appears to be the ‘golden age’ of Oxford May Balls, with Trinity promising to put on a spectacle worthy of the court of Louis XIV.

The promotional video produced and conceptualised by Trinity’s very own Andrew Spicer, Tom Lloyd and Laura Foster combines the slightly psychedelic with pure luxury and has the touching motif that however the night goes, you’ll probably end up kissing someone and spending the next morning sitting on a doorstep reminiscing about what could have been. Although probably in slightly more disheveled black tie than that worn by Tom Lloyd in the promo.

Regardless the sheer scale of the sellout event, which promises an 1800 name guest list and is traditionally one of the largest in Oxford, will be an unmissable occasion for French-style decadence and debauchery.

General sale is on the 21st November at midday. VERSA will be there, you should be too if you’ve got a spare £200.