Tory ‘safe space’ makes some uncomfortable

A poster creating a “safe space” for Tories in a room at Christ Church has provoked an angry reaction on Facebook.  Posts on Overheard at Oxford Uni and Cuntry Living provided some real gems for procrastination.

Photo: Harrison Edmonds

Students are advised to be considerate around this ‘oppressed’ group, who speak on behalf of the free-marketeers, austerity advocates and Eurosceptics in the Christ Church student body. The poster highlights the suffering of those who loudly sing the National Anthem on Sunday evenings and express hatred of anything remotely socialist. Healthy debate is welcomed, but any talk of the EU or public spending is likely to act as a ‘trigger.

Ex-PM Margaret Thatcher, who was so victimised and marginalised that she won three general elections; Photo: Chris Collins

Commenters on ‘Overheard at Oxford Uni‘ weren’t too keen on the idea, suggesting that “safe spaces” for Tories weren’t necessary. Some even complained that the concept of safe spaces will be devalued if we give ‘marginalised Tories’ a safe space to gloat.

All VERSA can say is satire isn’t dead. Judging from the Facebook reaction, neither is self-parody.