‘Oxlove’ Proven More Successful Than ‘E-Harmony’, ‘Match.com’ And Actually Going Outside, Study Finds VERSA

Researchers at the University of Oxford’s social sciences department have revealed that the lonely-hearts Facebook page ‘Oxlove’ is more effective in matching couples together than the algorithms of both ‘E-Harmony’ and ‘Match.com’.

Posters on Oxlove have a 120% chance of finding love on the site, with 82% of couples staying together until death they do part, the study found. More surprisingly still, scientists claim that singles had a greater chance of scoring with one Oxlove post than at 10 consecutive ‘Bridge Thursdays’; or 120 cups of coffee at ‘The Missing Bean’. On average every 10 Oxlove posts results in 150 instances of casual sex amongst the student population.

Recently the dating platform has come under scrutiny from university officials, with the Vice Chancellor attributing the marked rise in student pregnancies to increased use of the page. Tutors have also voiced their dismay, with one Magdalen don commenting, “The students were easier to teach when they were miserable and horny”.

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