No Con motion against ex-RO Alex Walker at OUSU Council

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The knives are out for former OUSU RO, Alex Walker. After presiding over the rigged NUS referendum, Walker had to resign in shame. Now, fellow-Tory Jack Matthews is bringing a motion of no confidence against the ex-RO at this Wednesday’s OUSU Council. 

The motion, seconded by OULC doyenne Helena Dollimore, slams Walker. It notes that Walker “gave a direction that only the Returning Officer would be able to attend the count, contrary to normal practice” as well “removing the Democratic Support Officer’s access to the online ballot system”.

Most damningly, it claims that Walker created 1400 extra unique voter codes, put them on a USB stick, and then lost the USB. Tragically, it was these lost voter codes that were used to rig the referendum. Butterfingers!

Probably looking for his USB stick

The motion ends by recognising that although Walker has left OUSU, if he were to rejoin, Council should consider expelling him. Bitchy. HackWatch just hopes that the Proctors hurry up with their investigation.

It appears Matthews is on a warpath this week; he also submitted a motion calling for the censure of Annie Teriba for failing to adequately handover to her successor as Access and Admissions Officer. Don’t get in this grad’s way.