Interviews moved on to sports grounds to ensure ‘level playing field’, university announces VERSA

Oxford University has announced new measures to ensure equality of access, following accusations of ‘social apartheid’ in its admissions policy by David Lammy MP.

From 2018, all admissions interviews will take place on college sports grounds in order to guarantee a level playing field. Applicants will be supplied with standardised footwear to create an equal footing for students.

Speaking on behalf of the admissions department, Dwight Norman Tivity (Head of Racial Equality) told Versa: “We are sure that our new ‘level playing field’ admissions policy will work to redress the issues raised in the recent race audit of Oxford undergraduates.

“It’s not like we’re utterly failing to address a major issue with our anachronistic admissions system that has persisted counter-culturally. This is not a laboured solution to an inherently avoidable problem, we’re very sure of that.”

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