Corpus Christi cops creepy communication VERSA

The JCR president of every college at Cambridge, and at least Corpus at Oxford, if not others, has received a strange and somewhat creepy letter explaining exactly what is wrong with feminism. Or at least it would, if it actually made any real sense. Reading like a No Offence writer on crack, the mysterious sender explains how ‘there is a tacit new sexual contract’ and that sex is ‘the currency of the workplace’.  What I would very much like to know, however, is not who sent it but why they sent it. It’s not like anyone had asked for it, even if it begins ‘Dear Son (wtf?), you asked for my take on feminism’. It also signs off ‘Love Dad’, which is really what makes it so creepy.

It just seems like a bit of a waste of time to be honest, mildly outraging and/or unnerving ‘the dumb and delinquent liberals of the cultural left’. It’s not like it’s particularly hard to do. Even if it were sent from father to son, using the phrase ‘the wet and warm in all its squelching glory’, in exactly the way you just imagined, is weird enough. My only explanation is that it what sent by someone just seeking attention. In which case I’ve just validated them. Oops.

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