Bridge cancels ticketing thanks to overcrowding VERSA

Bridge is over troubled waters in the latest incident for the Oxford clubbing giant

Things went a little off-piste at Bridge Club last week when a whopping 3000 students piled in for the conclusion of the official “Varsity ski trip” crawl.

This presumably makes the night out, a premature celebration of the Oxford/Cambridge ski trip on which freshers ski badly and mingle with a university they’ve just become rivals of, one of the most attended Oxford events in history.

Like a badly run house party, the avalanche of revellers led to Bridge refusing people that had actually bought tickets because of the length of the list.

The fallout of this is that Bridge aren’t even selling advance tickets for tonight to avoid the awkwardness, which, ironically, will make it more of a free-for-all than ever.

It might be worth trying to pile in though – who knows how many more opportunities you’ll get.

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