Merton fails to show at its own games VERSA

Dispatches from the front last weekend saw the climactic conclusion of the infamous Merton-Christchurch war in the form of the Merton Street Charity Games 2016. With its roots in the first ever recorded attempt at banter from the place where ‘fun goes to die’, the ‘war’ spread from college to college as old tensions and […]

VERSA | CRAE Co-Chair criticised slammed for anti-Semitic tweet

This summer, political debate has often centred on anti-Semitism in the British left. Debate has been exacerbated following concerns about Labour leadership frontrunner Jeremy Corbyn’s connections to Holocaust denier Paul Eisen, and other alleged anti-Semites. Jewish groups have also been warning of an increasing atmosphere of anti-Semitism in the UK and across Europe as a whole. Oxford itself has seen some […]

VERSA | Oxford Union to issue THIRD apology over cocktail cock-up

After the comprehensive idiocy of May 28th, the Oxford Union issued two public apologies for the scandal, and went so far as to decry itself publicly as “institutionally racist”. (That’ll encourage so many minorities, guys.) But, in a new development to the saga of collective hand-wringing, VERSA can reveal that the Union is today expected to publish the following […]

VERSA | Scrutiny report: all the drama, deception and juicy detail of BOTH Union slates

The lines have been drawn. The starting-pistols have been fired. The vaguely snide comments in CherStu have been ignored. And now we’re here to reveal all. And the snakers gonna snake, snake, snake… Let’s start with Stuart ‘Snakey’ Webber, sly golden-boy of the centre-right. He’s kept oddly quiet this campaign – perhaps, given his record in the […]

‘Oxlove’ Proven More Successful Than ‘E-Harmony’, ‘’ And Actually Going Outside, Study Finds VERSA

Researchers at the University of Oxford’s social sciences department have revealed that the lonely-hearts Facebook page ‘Oxlove’ is more effective in matching couples together than the algorithms of both ‘E-Harmony’ and ‘’. Posters on Oxlove have a 120% chance of finding love on the site, with 82% of couples staying together until death they do […]

VERSA Summer: An Etymology of the Word ‘long’

‘Long’ – it’s an interesting word, isn’t it? When my tutor first mentioned the ‘long vac’ I nodded my shrivelled post-Prelim brain naively and imagined scenes of ‘summer’, ‘holiday’, and other such delightful things. Not so… Now, four months in, I have come to realise the full meaning of the word ‘long’. It’s a nasty word: […]

VERSA | VERSA’s A-Z of Oxford: guide to bops, sconces & more

I don’t care about the Bursar, what’s ‘Bop’? Don’t define OUP, who’s OMB?  Don’t tell me about the SCR, what’s  ‘Sconcing’? Incoming Freshers, forget about the University of Oxford’s official Glossary and turn to VERSA’s A-Z, for a need-to-know guide on student life in Ox. Ashmolean One of the finest museums in the world, brimming with fascinating artefacts and […]