VERSA | Merton concedes defeat

Merton JCR has accepted it has no banter, and announced its intention to go back to work. VERSA can reveal that the declaration of war was a somewhat misguided attempt by the Merton JCR Committee ‘to show the freshers that General Meetings can be fun (in spite of the reputation that Merton has hitherto acquired)’. […]

Versa Interviews – What’s a Pound VERSA

You would think that things would be relatively static in the Oxford ball scene. Established rotas, hundreds of years of hedonistic tradition; what could change? Yet an organisation which has been making waves recently is What’s a Pound, which has convinced eleven JCRS to support it in adding a pound to their ball tickets for […]

VERSA | The best and the worst student reactions to the Trump

The earliest reactions were the strongest, ranging from the amusingly apt Peep Show: To the ostentasionaly Churchillian rhetoric: Then there was complete despair/seeking solace in more sensible animals: Whilst some students have formally entered a state of mourning, renouncing their identity and condemning vanity and self-indulgence in the face of disaster. Well, either that or he […]