Imposter Syndrome Highest Amongst LMH Freshers, Survey Finds. VERSA

A survey conducted by VERSA’s campaign for student satisfaction found that record numbers of freshers at Lady Margaret Hall suffered from ‘Imposter Syndrome’. The survey revealed that most of the year group felt ‘inadequate’ in comparison to their peers, with the highest prevalence exhibited amongst PPE students. In other news LMH JCR has announced that […]

VERSA | Dear Louis…Where’s my fucking monorail?

Recently, VERSA opened applications for new writers to join its (illustrious) team. Thinking it might be, well, jokes to throw a curveball in the mix, one of our final questions was as follows: Needless to say, it yielded some pretty strong answers. But beyond the classic vote to marry Andy H “for the chemistry”, and the repeated murders of […]


It’s Hilary term and alongside occasional snow and the return of Ahmed’s, all the E&M kids have managed to bag themselves a ten week corporate internship. KPMG, EY, P&G, PwC  – if you know the lingo, then you know the lingo. If not, the names of all these companies seem to resemble a line from […]