Trinity Ball: La Belle Époque VERSA

Opulence, extravagance and the joie de vivre, terms commonly used to describe La Belle Époque and now Trinity College are looking to recreate those same descriptions in their own Commemoration Ball. This certainly appears to be the ‘golden age’ of Oxford May Balls, with Trinity promising to put on a spectacle worthy of the court […]

VERSA | Crisis Aboard HMS Union

It is often remarked that a week is a long time in politics – but then there are weeks which really drive this home to you… Nothing highlights this fact more lucidly than the farcical goings on in Union politics of late. It is difficult to see how Gladstone would have envisaged the sheer extent […]

Oxford shocks with latest appointments VERSA

Recent appointments suggest the University is looking to diversify the Oxford establishment, bringing our great ballast of social monolith at least into the 20th century. Worcester College has chosen to grant Sir Ian McKellen a Distinguished Visiting Fellowship. The idolised actor, adored for his portrayal of Tolkien’s Gandalf was offered the position for three years, […]

Oxford Protests Trump VERSA

So it turns out that the people of Oxford don’t really like Donald Trump. Who would have guessed? Last night, two thousand five hundred people crammed into Cornmarket Street to protest against Donald Trump’s executive order banning all immigration from several Muslim-majority countries and Theresa May’s apparent acceptance of it. The march had been organised […]

Merton fails to show at its own games VERSA

Dispatches from the front last weekend saw the climactic conclusion of the infamous Merton-Christchurch war in the form of the Merton Street Charity Games 2016. With its roots in the first ever recorded attempt at banter from the place where ‘fun goes to die’, the ‘war’ spread from college to college as old tensions and […]