Oxford ‘Night-Climber’ Caught Wanking Outside College Wife’s Room VERSA

The notorious student known only as the ‘Oxford Night-Climber’ has been found passed out this morning, with a college tie roped tightly around his neck, and his trousers around his ankles. EMT’s suspect he lost consciousness during a bout of autoerotic asphyxiation. He has since been discharged from hospital. The hero we deserve? His long-suffering college […]

OxFrenzy: Panic on our Streets VERSA

Students across the university were confronted with a shocking scene this morning. Upon their customary morning browse, many Facebook users were aghast to find that their preferred dumping ground for petty squabbles and medium-rare beef, ‘Oxfeud’, had been disabled. Former users are now faced with a harrowing reality: actually having to confront people about their […]

VERSA | The ethical grey areas of private tutoring

In an act that strongly supports the theory that Wadham doesn’t want equality, rather an inversion of inequality, a tutor at Wadham a couple of  weeks ago sent out an email “strongly advising” that Wadham students consider the ethical implications of tutoring students for a fee. “You are, of course, free agents” the email concedes, before doing […]

VERSA Reviews: Oxford Foundry VERSA

It’s back! After almost a year of waiting, Oxford’s much loved and much missed Sport’s Bar-come-Nightclub has made its triumphant return. That’s right baby – Wahoo is back; and boy have we missed it. The Park-End Street location has been refurbished and remodeled into the uber-swish ‘Oxford Foundry’, and VERSA have sent our top clubbers to check […]

VERSA | VERSA guide to clubs in Oxford

The stereotype: that Oxford is full of boring squares who think that a trip to a library that isn’t your college one is exciting. Well, dear Fresher, you are wrong. VERSA has complied the authoritative guide to clubbing in the city of dreaming spires. Bridge/Anuba Nights: The standard for Thursday night. Features: A lot of […]

Interviews moved on to sports grounds to ensure ‘level playing field’, university announces VERSA

Oxford University has announced new measures to ensure equality of access, following accusations of ‘social apartheid’ in its admissions policy by David Lammy MP. From 2018, all admissions interviews will take place on college sports grounds in order to guarantee a level playing field. Applicants will be supplied with standardised footwear to create an equal […]

I Took A Year Out To Find Myself And Didn’t Even Get A Boyfriend: What do I do? VERSA

Dear Vice Chancellor, Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, Chaing Mai, Thailand ~ 25th April 2016 So: my gap year was great fun – I rode some elephants (cruelty-free obvs). Sampled some amazing cuisine that disappointingly means I can never enjoy Wagamama’s again, and, what’s more, my Instagram followers have more than tripled #followmetointernetfame – am even tempted […]