London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, announced today that Bridge VIP, or Varyingly Important Public-school-kids, will become part of SW10 in new reforms to the city’s post code system.

Ted Manley, outskirt member of the Harrow faction expressed his delight on Thursday, saying: ‘it truly is home away from home.’

Already boasting premier prices, local DJ Alistair ‘MC’ Phearsome, and more gilets than Schoffel’s winter catalogue, all mummy’s post will now be collectible at the bar.

The move has caused consternation among minor public school kids, over whether their temporary residency status will be revoked. One Dulwich alumnus, whose whole family have moved to the VIP area, expressed his concern, saying: ‘I just don’t want to move back to Anuba and pretend to enjoy Reggae Shark again.’




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