VERSA | Even OUSU’s election was more fun than the Union this term

Questionable Facebook accounts, accusations of intimidation and promises of licked nipples: Trinity’s Union elections had everything to keep even the most ambivalent of hack-watchers happy, and VERSA packaged up all the gossip and drama into one handy article. Hackery was smeared across everyone’s Facebook timelines, with the pages for the two slates, STEP & NowOrNever […]

VERSA | The tweeification of women’s bodies: for the love of God, stop knitting uteruses

There is, as BuzzFeed would put it, a weird new trend in women’s rights activism. The starvation and violence of suffrage campaigns, the powerful liberation movements of the ’70s, the ferocious internationalism of the 90’s – all have yielded to this decade’s most radical phenomenon of all: twee. It’s been coming on for a while. The […]