VERSA | ‘No Offence’ magazine banned by OUSU over fears it will…cause offence

No Offence, founded by third-year PPE student Jacob Williams and Oxford local Lulie Tanett, is a magazine recently set up to ‘promote debate and publicise ideas people are afraid to express’. According to Williams, it grew out of Facebook group Open Oxford; a popular discussion forum with more than 2000 members. Submissions to the magazine have […]

VERSA | Who is #Ready5Charlie

Charlie Vaughan, heir apparent to the gilded throne of the Oxford Union, now has a small thorn in his side. Over the weekend, a page called Ready5Charlie was uploaded to Facebook. The page demands “ALL HAIL OUR NEW BALDING OVERLORD”. Bitchy.  CN: Political commentary With classic lines like: “ELECT THE FIRST NON-BRITISH PRESIDENT OF THE […]

Peter Johnstone, Author at VERSA

Archive, Miscellaneous: Oh, what’s that? A Brookes joke on YikYak? Never heard that one before… YikYak. The home of whiny sexists, anonymous horny individuals, quite simply unparalleled… Read More › Views: If ‘gender is a social construct’, then why is everybody so obsessed with perpetuating it? Let me preface this article with a few disclaimers. […]

HackWatch, Author at VERSA

Archive, Miscellaneous: In other news, the Oxford Union is holding its termly elections today, and you didn’t even notice… Questionable Facebook accounts, accusations of intimidation and promises… Read More › Archive, Miscellaneous: Berk Bektas has once again swapped parties amid an internet storm… Anyone who has met Berk Bektas will know that he takes his […]