November 2015 VERSA

Miscellaneous: On a night out, there is only ever one thing on everyone’s mind, so VERSA thought we’d investigate where is easiest for you to do… Read More › Archive, Miscellaneous: Remember that election you didn’t notice was going on? The results are as dull as the campaign… After the manic hacking of Friday, the […]

May 2015 VERSA

News: Our new VC: some expensive tastes, opinionated on education, and recruited by the IRA… Professor Louise Richardson will take over from the beloved Professor Andrew… Read More › News: Union officers are likely to be drowning their sorrows with their own controversial ‘colonial cocktails,’ after disorder, protests, and racist slurs erupted during Thursday’s debate.… […]

April 2015 VERSA

Archive, Miscellaneous: Oxford. The home of intelligence. And some cool cunts that have fun while they run this town. Here are Oxford’s cream of the crop, the Beyonces… Read More › Archive, Miscellaneous: In this election special, TVERSA brings you a short film that cuts through the jargon and gets to the heart of the matters […]

November 2014 VERSA

Views: It was just a very good school, and I’m a normal person really. Archive, Miscellaneous: Our brave correspondent reports from the front line of a fairly shit protest, where the most prominent feature was SWP hypocrisy. Archive, Miscellaneous: The Union election has got messy for a different reason this term. Archive, Miscellaneous: If you […]

October 2015 VERSA

Archive, Miscellaneous: First, VERSA told you how to crewdate. Now, let’s see the fruits of your labour… It’s nine o’clock and your crew date is well under way.… Read More › News: It’s that time of year again, OUSU is once again funding students attending anti-austerity marches.  The NUS National Executive Committee has supported a national […]

VERSA | The worst student reactions to Brexit

Yesterday Oxford students, having fallen asleep in Great Britain, woke up to find themselves in Little England. Britain had actually voted to leave the EU. As is the way of our generation, a deluge of impassioned Facebook statuses, tweets and memes flooded newsfeeds up and down the country. In short, we hate the right, the […]