December 2015 VERSA

Views: In the last week, there has been a swarm of publicity regarding the report by the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission. Oxford’s most elitist… Read More › News: Oxford Universitiy’s Vice-Chancellor Andy Hamilton is set to move to the Big Apple this January to become the President of New York University – and… […]

November 2016 VERSA

Views: This is not the first time I have written about being an Eating Disorder survivor, and I am continually open about my experiences of it,… Read More › Humbug:  Oxford: pretty manic isn’t it? We’ve seen plays and debates, grad schemes and concerts, nights in and nights out, nights round and about; but what’s it… […]

May 2016 VERSA

Views: A few weeks ago I was one of a handful of Jews who attended the OUSU council in which the disaffiliation motion was debated. At… Read More › News: Not content with Oxford students making up their minds for themselves, the NUS have this morning influenced voters by using a prohibited mailing list to… […]

April 2016 VERSA

Views: That there should be a referendum in which every student can vote is something of a no brainer – it affects everyone, so it’s fair… Read More › Fake News: It has been revealed that a philosophy tutor is making concerted efforts to conceal his strong dislike for the undergraduates he sees on a […]

January 2016 VERSA

Views: £100 million, the price to pay to influence an Oxford college to keep up a statue of Rhodes… Opposition to RMF has been boringly predictable,… Read More › Views: The weather is shit, freshers have realised that they hate the friends they made in Michaelmas and finalists have remembered that they need a 2.1… […]

March 2016 VERSA

News: Civil wars throughout history have been numerous. They have been bloody. However, The Wars of the Roses, The Troubles, the American civil war, the Korean… Read More › News: There was international shock this month as league table producers such as Times Higher Education (THE) and QS released their latest tables, with Oxford (pronounced… […]

February 2015 VERSA

News: From glitter to quiche, VERSA reveals the ‘shady’ cult behind politics and business in OX1… For years an agent has been working deep cover, gaining… Read More › News: The Oxford Hub has started a petition after losing £70k of vital funding from Oxford Uni. A 40% shortfall in funding threatens the continuation of… […]

February 2017 VERSA

Fake News: Disclaimer: none of these events actually occurred, and this is a work of fiction. According to sources, the warden muttered, “try it,¬†you silly special snowflake… Read More › News: ‘Did I mention I got up at 5 o’clock this morning?’ We’ve all heard it. Some of us (myself included) have even initiated it. […]

January 2015 VERSA

Views: Our correspondent explains the myriad ways in which technology spreads its baleful tentacles throughout modern life… I often dream of running away to Norway and… Read More › Views: Oxford’s most comprehensively alienated student sounds the battle cry against the monstrous tutorial regime. There’s something in Oxford which people shy away from far too… […]

February 2016 VERSA

Archive, Miscellaneous: The other day, I was experiencing the woolly mammoth of essay crises. Call me bourgeois, wet or unimaginative (largely because I am) but in order to… Read More › Views: Around a week ago, a friend sent me a screenshot of a post from a certain cuntroversial Facebook group and I couldn’t help but […]