September 2015 VERSA

News: From war-torn Syria to St Antony’s, Oxford – college and charity combine to change the life of one lucky Syrian. Summer headlines have been dominated by a migration… Read More › News: No Offence, a new magazine founded by Oxford students, has been banned from Freshers’ Fair lest it…’cause offence’. VERSA extends a warm welcome to the… […]

June 2015 VERSA

Archive, Miscellaneous: “You’ll be fine in your exams”, they said. “Examiners aren’t evil” they said. Exam season. That bane of student life. Friends at other unis finally… Read More › Views: There is, as BuzzFeed would put it, a weird new trend in women’s rights activism. The starvation and violence of suffrage campaigns, the powerful liberation […]

June 2016 VERSA

Archive, Views: Hungover and tired of unpacking? Fear not, weary ball-goers. VERSA has summarised the latest reactions to BREXIT for you. Now whip off those tails, sit… Read More › Archive, Views: A round up of the mayhem and madness… Yesterday Oxford students, having fallen asleep in Great Britain, woke up to find themselves in […]

July 2015 VERSA

Views: Coke hero to Coke Zero: the NUS makes yet another bold stand to defend students, with an attempt to ban SUs from consuming carbonated oppression The… Read More › Views: When Karlie Kloss wore a Native American headdress– a sacred item of traditional Native American culture – at the 2012 Victoria’s Secret fashion show, the internet… […]

October 2016 VERSA

Humbug: Samuel Beckett on 4th Week: ‘I can’t go on, I’ll go on.’ THE PICKS THEATRE – The Nether/The Playhouse/ Wednesday – Saturday, 7:30pm This “gripping and… Read More › News: Recent appointments suggest the University is looking to diversify the Oxford establishment, bringing our great ballast of social monolith at least into the 20th century.… […]

March 2015 VERSA

Views: Whilst everyone was preoccupied with silly hand gestures, far more sinister machinations took place in camera: here’s what the NUS really ‘achieved’ this week… It was inevitable,… Read More › Views: Our Editor-in-Chief is cold and empty and you shouldn’t listen to her.* Some time last week Ella, our esteemed Editor-in-Chief, published this article entitled “How… […]

January 2017 VERSA

News: So it turns out that the people of Oxford don’t really like Donald Trump. Who would have guessed? Last night, two thousand five hundred people… Read More › Archive: Why ‘Gold’, ‘Silver’ and ‘Bronze’ labels are the most pressing issue of the TEF implications. It was announced in 2016 that, in accordance with the… […]

August 2015 VERSA

News: Looks like Cambridge do participate in some extracurricular activities after all… VERSA can reveal that our lesser cousins at Cambridge were keener on canoodling in… Read More › News: A group of Oxford students from the Facebook group Open Oxford has won the eBay bidding war for a coffee cup – which has touched… […]

December 2014 VERSA

Archive, Miscellaneous: You’ve seen the boys. Now here come the men (and women)… So, instead of monetary riches, d’you fancy yourself some cultural ones? Have you found,… Read More › Views: ‘Hogwarts for wankers’? You filthy mudblood. Any self-respecting Potterhead will know that Hogwarts is already full of wankers – Slytherin house (or Gryffindor, if […]