#veggiepledge nearly made me relapse VERSA

This is not the first time I have written about being an Eating Disorder survivor, and I am continually open about my experiences of it, because the more we speak about mental health, the less shame people will feel for having destructive feelings and the more likely they are to seek help. It is therefore extremely […]

VERSA | BREXIT according to Blackadder

Hungover and tired of unpacking? Fear not, weary ball-goers. VERSA has summarised the latest reactions to BREXIT for you. Now whip off those tails, sit back, and fuck the┬ámissing sock. 1. The passive aggressives: 2. The melodramatics: 3. The ballot-spoilers: 4. Brexiters according to Bremain: 5. Bremainers according to Brexit: 6. The Scots: 7. Europe: […]